Extraction workbench
Extraction workbench
Extraction workbench

Extraction workbench

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Designed to help a busy workshop maintain a clean working environment, extraction benches use a powerful fan combined with dual-layer filtration to support dust-free workpiece preparation.

Frame Anodised aluminium with adjustable levelling feet
Panels 0.7mm pre-painted or galvanised steel
Dimensions 1875 x 750 x 850mm (W x D x H)
Airflow 4000m3/hr downdraught through bench
Fan Slow running, belt-driven centrifugal 
Power 0.75kW, 240V, single phase
Running current 25.3A
Filtration Dual layer tailored to customer requirements
Primary filter 25mm fine polyester mat
Secondary filter High efficiency multi-pocket bag filter with F7 rating (general automotive sanding)

1. Front-mounted push buttoncontrols with motor overload protection

2. Magnehelic differential pressure gauge for filter life monitoring

Other extras available on request:

Rear splash backs - Service bars with power sockets and compressed air couplings

Shelving and/or work lights - Tool rails, counterbalance springs and hooks

Power bar - 240V sockets + airline female quick connector (service connection not included)

Replacement filters

Please click below to order your filters from FilterCare Services Ltd:

Primary - 50mm glass fibre paint stop

Secondary - 25mm fine polyester mat