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High-performance mobile extraction system designed for use within SMART repair shops and enclosures. Equipped with a powerful extraction fan and two stage filtration system, Air-cube captures overspray and draws paint fumes away from the working environment, helping keep the workplace clean and boosting compliance with Health & Safety guidance “SMART paint spraying: How to control health and safety risks”

Airflow Up to 2000m3/hr
Power 0.37kW, 240V single phase or W110V
Running current 2.5A (240V) or 5A (110V)
Filter area 0.5m2
Primary filter 50mm glass fibre paint stop
Secondary filter 25mm fine polyester mat
Frame Anodised aluminium
Panels  0.7mm pre-painted or galvanised steel
Dimensions 600 x 600 x 600mm (excluding flexible ducting)
Flexible ducting length Up to 6m fully extended / 450mm diameter
Power cable 6m length
Controls Standard 3 pin 240V plug or 3 pin 16A 110V plug with 6m flex cable to allow connection away from working area. Unit mounted Emergency stop.

Replacement filters

Please click below to order your filters from FilterCare Services Ltd:

Primary - 50mm glass fibre paint stop

Secondary - 25mm fine polyester mat